We currently sit in a unique moment in time where groundbreaking advancements in fusion science and technology are catching the attention of public and private communities across the globe. The realization of fusion energy, which has the potential to completely transform the global energy market, has never been closer. But if we are to succeed in this grand challenge, fusion energy must be empowered and supported by the communities that make us who we are. This sort of community engagement does not happen overnight. To help facilitate this process, I am working with Professor Steffi Diem at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and Dr. Arturo Dominguez at the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory to put together an annual event called “Fusion Energy Week.”

The mission of Fusion Energy Week is to communicate the accelerating development of fusion energy to members of the public at every level and to involve those same individuals in the continued pursuit of a clean, safe and robust energy alternative. Fusion Energy Week brings the science and technology that push fusion forward back into the public sphere so that trust, collaboration and clarity can be established early and often, supporting the energy solutions of tomorrow.

Fusion Energy Week will take place annually (beginning in 2024) on the week of May 6th, which is the week of Cecilia Payne-Gaposchkin’s birthday. It will primarily consist of a collection of events that will be focused on engaging with local communities, utilizing a central website that will help people find events near them. The central website may host a few virtual events during the week. The organizing committee will provide resources (event ideas, fusion fundamentals, fun fusion Friday infographics, trivia night kits, etc.) to people who wish to organize activities in their local community or share resources on social media. We hope to finalize logistics and content mid-spring for the annual week to be held in the beginning of May.

If you would like to learn more about Fusion Energy Week, attend or host a local event, or otherwise get involved, please do not hesitate to reach out via email!